The Elevator Game

Also known as Elevator to Another World, The Elevator Game is a paranormal game which seems to have originated on a Korean website, that aims to send the player to another world by taking an elevator to certain floors in a specific order and eventually arriving in a world that is not the same as the one the game was started in. Most places where the instructions can be found warn any potential players to proceed with the game at their own risk.

There is some dispute between sources as to how many players are allowed for the desired effect to be achieved. Some say that you must be alone or else it won’t work, others say that having a partner or a group with you will still work, as long as the steps are followed properly. Personally, I think that if you were ever serious about wanting to try this not just for the sake of a spooky night out, but to really try to reach the end goal then you should go it alone.

It all starts in a building with at least 10 floors and an elevator. For the game to work, a lot of things need to go right. If something doesn’t go according to plan, most guides suggest aborting the mission and getting the hell out of there, advice that I will also extend to anyone thinking of playing the game. If at any point one of the players leaves the elevator before arriving in the other world, or if someone else gets in who is not meant to be there and is just a regular person, the ritual has failed and you will need to restart or just leave. Instructions on how to play the game are as follows:

  • Enter the chosen building and get into the elevator on the first floor. Do not proceed if there is someone else in the elevator with you.
  • Press the button for the fourth floor. When you reach the floor, allow the doors to open but do not get out.
  • Press the button for the second floor. Again, let the doors open but do not exit the elevator.
  • Go to the second floor in the same way.
  • Then to the sixth.
  • Back to the second.
  • To the tenth.
  • Then to the fifth floor. Upon reaching the fifth floor, a young woman may enter the elevator. Do not look at her, do not speak to her, do not acknowledge her in any way. She is not what she seems. If she notices you, she may decide to take you for herself.
  • Finally, press the button for the first floor. If you start to go down, the ritual has failed. Exit the elevator immediately on the first floor, leave the building, don’t say anything and don’t look back. If, however, the elevator starts to ascend after pressing the first-floor button, congratulations, the ritual was a success. You will be taken to the tenth floor and the doors will open to a world that is not your own.
  • When you reach the tenth floor in this other world, you will have the choice of getting out of the elevator or staying inside it. If you choose to stay in it, press the button for the first floor repeatedly until the elevator starts descending. Get off at the first floor and leave the building. Do not speak, do not look back.
  • If you decide to get off on the tenth floor, the woman in the elevator may ask you where you are going. Do not look at her, do not speak to her, do not acknowledge her in any way.

You will know you are in the other world because you will be the only person in it, electronics may not work, and you may be able to see a red cross in the distance from the windows.

You are free to explore the other world for as long as you want, but nobody really knows what it’s like, so extended trips into that world are probably not the best idea. Also, if you happen to pass out at any point during the ritual, you may wake up in your home, but it might be either your own world or the other world that you find yourself in.

Returning to your original world might be harder than anticipated. You must return using the same elevator in which you arrived, and the other world may cause you to be disorientated, making you forget your way or distorting the world around you in an effort to keep you there.

  • When you enter the elevator to return, you must repeat some of the earlier steps. Go to floor four, then two, then six, then two again, then ten, and then five.
  • After reaching the fifth floor, press the button for the first floor. The elevator may start going back up to floor ten. If this happens, cancel it by pressing any other floor number. If you don’t cancel it, you will arrive on floor ten in the other world again. When you reach the first floor, inspect your surroundings to see if you are in your own world. If anything seems off, repeat the returning steps again, starting with floor four, until you are sure you are back in your own world, then exit the elevator.

Upon completing the ritual and returning to your world, you may find that you have overlooked something, or that you’ve slipped back into the other world without the ritual. So, after playing this game, make sure that you notice which world you’re in at all times. Attempting the game several times may also cause you to slip between the two worlds when you don’t intend to, even if the ritual failed when you tried it.

Most people who attempt the ritual will, of course, come back and say that nothing happened, because if everyone who tried it ended up in another world then we’d have proven the existence of other worlds with the invention of elevators.

But sometimes you will get someone who comes back with a much more interesting story of how they made it to the other side, or how they blacked out and ended up back in their house with no memory of how they got there. They might say that it was a really cool adventure or a truly terrifying experience and now they can’t sleep with the lights off anymore, and every time they are alone in  a room they feel the warm breath of something on their neck, they see a movement in the corner of their eye, they feel a cold hand on their back, but when they turn around there is never anything there. They may tell you of their regret, and how their whole life will now be spent in fear of returning to that place any time it chooses to take them back. Maybe they will say that they made a terrible mistake, that when the woman entered the elevator they dared look at her, perhaps talk to her, and now they live in fear, knowing that they belong to her and she will come for them the moment they let their guard down.

Or maybe someone will tell you about their plans to play the game, and you will wait eagerly to hear back from them, to hear of their experience, only for you to never hear from them again.

Whether you believe any of it will, of course, be up to you.

Featured photo by Sérgio Rola on Unsplash

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