Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a paranormal game that aims to allow the players to speak to a ghost from the 1400’s named Charlotte Webster. As far as paranormal games go, this one is a relatively low risk as long as you don’t intentionally try to antagonize Charlotte.

According to the story, Charlotte is a 7-year-old girl who lived some time in the 1400’s. She was the daughter of a woman who was accused of being a witch and burned at the stake. Having watched her mother die a horrible death, and presumably fearing for her own life as the child of an alleged witch, Charlotte fled to the woods. Having no means of surviving on her own, she died there, her body left to the animals.

To play the game that allows you to talk to Charlotte, you will need two players, some flashlights (no candles), one large mirror, two chairs, a table, and a toy for Charlotte. Try to choose a toy that she might like, keeping in mind that she is a 7-year-old girl from the 1400’s. A doll would be a safe bet, but she doesn’t seem to like animals.

  • Begin the game in a room with no windows, or one with the windows blacked out. The point is for there to be no other light source than the flashlights.
  • Place the chairs next to each other in the room, about 2 feet apart, facing the same direction.
  • Place the mirror in from of the chairs. You should be able to see your reflection in the mirror when seated in the chairs, but do not sit down yet.
  • Place the table behind the chairs so that you can see it’s reflection behind you in the mirror when seated in the chairs. Do not sit down yet.
  • Place the toy that you have chosen on the table so that you can see it’s reflection in the mirror when seated. Do not sit down yet.
  • Turn on your flashlights and turn off any other lights in the room.
  • Both players should now sit down in a chair, facing the mirror.
  • For the rest of the ritual, until it is over, do not look anywhere but the mirror. Do not look behind you, do not look around the room, do not look at the other player. Only look in the mirror.
  • In unison, both players must say “We want to play Charlotte’s Web”.
  • She will not appear if either player is afraid. Don’t be afraid.
  • Charlotte will appear in the mirror. Look only at the mirror, do not look around the room.
  • If she does not take the toy, end the ritual. She did not like it.
  • If she takes the toy and appears happy with it, you can now talk to her. You should take turns asking her questions.

Many people who say they have attempted the ritual and succeeded to contact Charlotte describe her as a sweet young girl with a charming personality. They say they enjoy her company and she answered their questions, as long as they didn’t press sensitive topics.

Though, Charlotte has another side to her. If she doesn’t like your gift, or if you don’t follow the rules, or if you upset her, then like any young child she may get angry or throw a tantrum. But, unlike any other young child, Charlotte is a ghost and might not be aware of what she can do, or if she is aware then she just doesn’t care. Either way, if Charlotte becomes angry or upset then the best thing to do is end the ritual, or else you and the other player may be in danger.

  • To end the ritual, you and the other player must continue looking in the mirror and say “Goodbye Charlotte” at the same time. If you have succeeded, she will walk out of view of the mirror, possibly taking the toy with her. When she is completely out of view and you can no longer hear her footsteps, you may look away from the mirror and turn on the lights.

Do not play the game a second time.

Reports of what happens if the ritual goes wrong and Charlotte gets upset vary from her screaming at you, causing hallucinations, following you outside of the ritual, and coming to you in your dreams, causing nightmares. It doesn’t appear that she does any physical harm, but there aren’t many accounts of rituals that went wrong, so we don’t really know what her limits are.

Since this game can be played with a friend, and it carries far less risk than some other paranormal games, even if things do go wrong, it’s a much more beginner friendly game. I’m not saying you should try it, but if you do then be sure to let us know how it went.

Featured photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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