Sever The Cord

Have you ever looked into the mirror and felt like it was looking back at you? Well, maybe there’s a reason for that. Maybe the person you see in the mirror isn’t really you, but rather, it’s the other you.

This ritual was posted to Creepypasta on May 26, 2009. While this would generally point to it being a fictional story made up by a person with the intention of being just another scary scary story on the website, it is true that mirrors have been the focal point of many other rituals and are often thought of as a portal or window to another realm, so consider that before dismissing the story as entirely false.

The post starts by explaining to the reader that their world is not the only plane of existence, and there is actually a second plane which is almost entirely identical to ours, with “extra-dimensional clones” that copy our every move. They are bonded to us and do exactly as we do, and even now our copies are in the other world on their own computers or phones reading these same words and learning the same things as us.

Though the planes are almost identical, there is one crucial difference; in the second plane resides a God, or a Devil, who watches both worlds through the clones. The people in the world in which this being exists cannot see nor hear it, which of course brings up the question of which world you are currently in, and are you, in fact, the clone? For the purposes of continuing, let’s assume you’re not.

Since the God of the other world watches us through the behaviour and actions of our clones, this ritual is intended to sever the link with that clone so that it no longer copies your movements. By doing this, the God will no longer be able to see what you are doing and you will, therefore, be free from divine judgment and retribution, allowing you to live a life free from any karmic consequences.

The ritual itself is very short and simple, requiring only a mirror in a dark room, with access to a light switch.

  • Stand in front of the mirror and look at your reflection.
  • Know that it is not you, but your copy that you are looking at.
  • Once you fully recognize that it is your copy, and not yourself, that you are looking at, turn off the light.
  • Wait. There is no specific time, but about 2 minutes should do.
  • Turn on the light.
  • Your reflection should be gone.
  • You are now free to go about your life, free from divine retribution.

If you still see your reflection after turning on the light, and it’s still mirroring you, then the ritual failed.

You should also keep in mind that at the moment you decided to perform this ritual, the other you came to the same decision. If the ritual succeeded for you, it also succeeded for your clone. You both performed the same ritual, at the same time, and you severed the same cord, but only one of you will have to pay the price.

Severing the bond causes one side of the cord to start to decay, eating its way towards either you or the other you. Whoever loses this 50/50 toss up will start to experience the effects of the decay. They will become sickly and weak, their life draining away from them, but death will not come easily. They will remain on their plane as a ghost, cursed to roam forever.

If you are not affected by the decay, congratulations, you are now free from karmic influence and divine retribution, go forth and do what you want because nobody is watching.

The risk/reward involved in this ritual seems like it would only be worthwhile to someone who strongly fears retribution in the afterlife, and success does indeed grant you freedom from that if it is this God in the other world who decides your fate. But even if you do succeed, and the reward is exactly as promised, there are 3 main issues with this ritual:

First, if the other you decayed and died (which in itself is a morally complex issue, since the other you thought, felt, and behaved the same as you and was for all intents and purposes, a person who was now horribly cursed), that doesn’t necessarily mean you really won. If you hadn’t performed the ritual you would probably still be in the same physical state as you are now, so if anything then you just didn’t lose, but have you really gained anything?

That brings up the second issue, are you now free from divine judgment? Well, if it was the clone that died, and you are the you that exists on the plane where the God doesn’t reside, then the ritual says yes, you are free from judgment. But if you were actually the clone, then the God can still see you, so you’re not free from his view. But of course, since neither world can be aware of the God’s existence, you won’t actually know which side of the mirror you are on until you die, so you’re still gambling with your karmic retribution.

Finally, the third issue. Let’s say that you performed the ritual and the clone paid the price, leaving you on the side of the mirror that is free from the view of the God. Now what? You’re free from divine retribution and karmic influence so you can go kill 500 people. But of course, you can’t  because you will likely be caught and sent to jail. You have only evaded judgment in the afterlife.

And perhaps not a problem to all, but a bonus issue may also be called into question. Does being a good person only matter in a world where you are punished for being a bad one?

The original post claims that upon successful completion of this ritual, you will be a God among men, but most would agree you need more than just a lack of karma to qualify as a God. You wouldn’t be any more powerful without this bond to the other world, you probably wouldn’t be exceptionally wiser, and you certainly wouldn’t be free from worldly punishment for your crimes.

Featured photo by Valentino Funghi on Unsplash

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