Using Our Content

Please do not copy/paste or publish substantial amounts of the content on this website anywhere else without permission. This includes copying it for other blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, magazines, etc.

If you would like to use the content on this website as a source for any research then you don’t need permission, but if possible we ask that you include us in your list of sources.

If you would like to copy a paragraph or two as a quote within other content then you also do not need permission as long as the source is credited.

If you wish to copy an entire post, for example, or any substantial amount of text from this website then please first attain permission directly from us. This can be done by messaging us via our Contact page. If you do not receive a reply from us then permission is not granted.

“Substantial amount” is subjective, but we ask that you use common sense in determining this amount. If you are not sure, then please ask.

Please do not read out an entire post that was written on this website on a podcast without first attaining permission to do so, even if you do list us in your sources.

Do not attempt to take credit for anything posted on this website. Do not claim our content to be your own, either directly or implied.

I know I haven’t been as vigilant as I should have been in the past in terms of crediting research sources, but I will get better at this. This page was written 17/02/2021.